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Angel Eggs - Not Deviled Eggs

They call them Deviled Eggs for a reason – they are a lot of work*!  My approach not only saves time, but also gives you options (the Brilliant Bit).  You can even buy eggs that are already boiled and peeled, but I still usually do that myself. *just kidding, I do know that the name has to do with the traditional seasonings added to the yolks.

See Tips and Tricks page for Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs.

Deviled eggs are usually being served at a meal where lots of other things are going on.  You can’t make them more than a day ahead without a sogginess setting in.  When you have 400 things you’re trying to do for a meal, deviled eggs can be a huge use of time.

Here is the idea (today's "Brilliant Bit"): Cut the boiled eggs in half, as usual.  Then, simply top them with a generous teaspoon of Topping (mayonnaise, sour cream or yogurt) either simple or with your favorite seasoning stirred in.  Further, because you can mix the toppings in small quantities, you could make several variations for a presentation tray – something that would be way too much work the old fashioned way. 

Angel Eggs

Here are a just a few ideas and guidelines.  Let us know other variations you come up with!
Ä For each egg half, use 1 to 1½ teaspoons of Topping (mayo, sour cream or yogurt).
ÄTopping” = your choice of mayo, sour cream or plain yogurt, or any combination of those

Super Easy Angel Eggs (makes 12 portions, easy to multiply):
Eggs : 6
Topping : ¼ cup or you can apply straight from the jar if not mixing in seasonings
Paprika for sprinkling

Optional: Scant teaspoon of dried parsley rubbed between palms to a fine powder, then stirred in. This makes simple topping look prettier against the egg white

Go right from peeled egg to "done"

1. Pick up the egg halves one at a time, leaving yolks intact
2. Spread about a teaspoon of Topping on each. Place on prep table.
3. Sprinkle with paprika, place on serving tray. DONE !!

Variations on Super Easy:

Ä Add an optional piquant topping such as minced hamburger dill pickles, capers, minced celery.  Sprinkle over eggs that already have Topping, push down a tiny bit, sprinkle with paprika, smoked paprika, freshly ground pepper or celery salt.

Ä Fresh herbs such as basil or Italian parsley can stand on their own – they wouldn’t need anything else. I suggest snipping very small with scissors.

Ä AND DON’T FORGET – there are some pre-seasoned mayo’s on the store shelves if you don’t want to play with your own seasoning.
Simple + Paprika - Cholulu + Jalapeno - Cajun + Peppers - Elegant + Asparagus - Greek Yogurt + Olive + Oregano

Easy But Fancy Angel Eggs possibilities – all of these are “to taste”
The only rules: Taste a little as you go, and know your guests – fix what you think they will like.  If you want to try a few eggs with a big, bold flavor, also make a few that are simple.

Ä Buffalo wing: to ¼ cup Topping, start with 1 tsp Frank’s or Louisiana Hot Sauce. You don't want the topping to become runny. Garnish with a jalapeno slice if you want lots of heat.
Ä Elegant: A tiny spear tip of asparagus would be beautiful. Add freshly zested orange rind to the mayonnaise (or other topping) about 15 minutes ahead.
ÄWasabi: to ¼ cup Topping, start with ½ tsp.  Paprika topping still works, but furikake would be great, if you have it (ground in the mortar a bit) or black sesame seeds
Ä Dijon: to ¼ cup Topping, start with ½ tsp.  Top with two or three capers for flavor punch.
Ä Cholulu: need I say more? To 1/4 cup of Topping, I suggest starting with 1/2 teaspoon of Cholulu. Garnish with one or two black beans, jalapenos or slice of serrano. Similar to Buffalo above, you don't want the topping mixture to be runny.
Ä Cajun: to ¼ cup Topping, a dash of Tabasco (red or green) to taste.  A topper of of finely minced celery and/or green bell pepper would be perfect.
ÄBacon Bits: This garnish to plain mayo or sour cream topping would be plenty. A crosswise sliver of green onion would be appropriate, but many people do not like raw onion.
Ä Green Olive: to ¼ cup Topping, start with 1 to 2 tsp of minced pimento-stuffed green olives.  Variation: top with plain Greek yogurt, then a slice of green olive (see photo).
Ä Horseradish: to ¼ cup Topping, start with ½ tsp of creamy horseradish. This is very much a “to taste” item.
Ä Crab: may want to combine it with a little Topping to hold together. Top with a sliver of peppadew (sweet hot pepper).
Ä Korean: one teaspoon of kimchi, which has been patted dry and minced.  Garnish with a serrano for more heat, or a nugget of leftover shrimp or cilantro.
Ä Topping Note  - both sour cream and yogurt have less oil or fat, so they may need a smaller amount of flavor enhancement. Also, consider mixing any of those three together to lighten up the mayo and/or smooth out the tanginess of the yogurt.  Plain sour cream may want a little salt stirred in.

Enjoy! Share other ideas!

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